Monday, September 12, 2016

Red hot pepper

Written March 2016:

Ooohhhh, spicey baby, where did our sweet thing go??! I am still reeling from the sharp slap in the face you delivered as a response to me asking you to turn out your light. I know you’ve been burning coals for a few months now, sometimes a swift wipe-off of all objects from a table, sometimes a smart smack on the leg. At first it was cute, you getting all ragey, lashing out. Our sunny child having a stormy day. Since your wicked cold this week and our days stuck inside the beast has unleashed and lately you’ve been hella mad. You deliver an impressive roar, both in decibels and ferocity. I feel it blow right through me, leaving me slightly a-shiver. I am sometimes even scared of the “hard things” you swing about if you don’t get your way. I am both proud and horrified. Proud that my wee lad is standing up for himself, speaking his mind, not bottling up his feelings. We are left in no doubt as to how you feel about things. I also cringe at the thought this is the new normal, that your “twos” weren’t that “terrible” and you feel you need to cram some Tabasco into your "threes"! Well, I did repeatedly give you license for this full self-expression (minus the mama-bashing). You do carry ginger blood in your veins. I used to worry that you were being sweet to compensate for the wild cards you live with. No more, precious one, no more.

Your loving fellow in fire


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