Saturday, July 12, 2014

Potty Boot Camp

Day 3. Morale waivers. Today has actually been a great day, lots of toilet use, one “wild” pee in the grass. Even a real, bonafide poo in the toilet. I hear that this is the piece de resistance of potty training. We have hit the home run!! Well, Ben is 3.5 years old, so there is that. You can’t say that he doesn’t get the concept. It’s just we never pushed it, and finally he needs to sort it out by September and we hustled things along cold-turkey (except pull-ups at night). We are deeply proud of him, to say the least. Great. So no problem right? Now ask us how the mothers are faring…. Poorly at best (brief moments of euphoria notwithstanding). We are both control oriented people, we like things tidy, we have a routine… This week-end has blasted that open. We cannot show frustration to our brave, struggling boy, so we turn on ourselves and each other and that spot on the floor (why won’t it come OUT?!?!). We have each had to take time outs of our own to cool off, decompress, recommit. Ben does “quiet time” each day he is home, for 30 min. He stays in the play-room (mostly), listens to music, does his stickers or whatever. I try and actually relax during that time since Daniel is napping. Today I dealt with phone operators while Ben yelled and pounded on the door until finally I went to end our mutual misery at the designated time, only to find that he had stickered his penis. He has also become deeply curious about his anatomy: “what is the hole the pee comes out of called?”, “what is the hole the poo comes out of called?” It’s all about holes. (What the heck is the pee hole called anyway??) So, now our child knows the term anus, knows the cats have one and has decided he doesn’t like the word (just “bum” please). Anyway, after removing the stickers, he proceeded to help me in the kitchen. Bless him. But he was naked on the lower half, and every time he heard water he thought he had to pee, would run to the toilet, aim, false alarm, hand wash (or not, chasing him, returning to bathroom, hand wash), undies, fight about undies, get a chocolate if he actually peed, inability to ignore his own now easily available body parts, more hand washing, repeat. Over and over. Cute, but massively disruptive to my attempt to attack the splats of mashed sweet potato dripping down the side of the cupboard, the cheese gunk stuck to the counter, the mountain of dishes from cooking and playing all this rainy day of Stuck At Home Learning to Potty. This is HUGE. I know it. Earthshattering to his existential sense of self. Plus, he gets one M&M for each pee, two for a poo. I am starting to feel like moms should get the same!


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  1. AWESOME... Teo just started using the toilet in early June (when we were travelling to Peterborough, no less!). It has been completely directed by him and we have really had to do very little (having a big sister certainly helps!). :) Teo gets home from "school" now and the first thing he does is strip down naked on the bottom half... :) I SO get where you guys are... And 2 is totally crazier than 1, eh?? Lots of love and hugs from here! Annie.


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